Eröffnung: Fri, 16.12.2022 | 20 Uhr
Großer Saal
17.12.2022 - 05.02.2023

Was fehlt. Annual Exhibition 2022

Once a year, the Salzburger Kunstverein dedicates an exhibition to its members and offers them the opportunity to exhibit their works. In 2022, the Annual Exhibition will be held in the Great Hall of the Salzburger Kunstverein as well as the Museumspavillon (Salzburg City Art Gallery).


The Annual Exhibition Was fehlt [What Is Missing] takes the curatorial concept as distributed to the invited artist members and transforms this into a question about voids—whether political, social, spatial or in the imagination. If we examine the artistic contributions to the exhibition, we find means of dealing with abandoned buildings and things, with memories, longing and other unexpected life plans, as well as with topics of mutual support, environmental awareness and the endurance of indeterminacy. Since many of the suggestions do not fit into an either-or, Was fehlt becomes less an answer to the initial question than a stimulus to further thinking.

Artists at Salzburger Kunstverein: Michael Dietrich, Bartosz Dolhun, David Eisl, Gabriele Fulterer & Christine Scherrer, Jari Genser, Gruppe 19, Isabella Heigl, Daniel Hüttler, Violeta Ivanova, Eginhartz Kanter, Christel Kiesel, Margareta Klose, Catherine Ludwig, Rainer Nöbauer-Kammerer, Isabell Rauchenbichler, Sophie Stadler, Borjana Ventzislavova, Georg Zenz

Artists at Museumspavillon: Rosa Andraschek, Stella Bach, Katharina Gruzei, Bernhard Hetzenauer, Felix Pöchhacker, Elisabeth Schmirl, Luz Olivares Capelle, Nadine Weixler

In public space: Motahar Amiri

Curated by Maximilian Lehner in conversation with Kirila Cvetkovska and Tia Čiček.

Maximilian Lehner (*1990, lebt in Salzburg) is a curator, author, and researcher. He cofounded The Real Office (RO) in Stuttgart, an agency for concepts, funding, and project management in the independent art scene. From 2016-2022 he has served as a research and teaching assistant at the Institute of Contemporary Arts and Media at KU Linz. He develops projects with RO in Stuttgart and Salzburg, and curates/d exhibitions for various art spaces such as ElectroPutere (Bucharest), Škuc Gallery (Ljubljana), Fünfzigzwanzig (Salzburg), Jutro/Blok Nova Baza (Zagreb), sehsaal (Vienna,) aqb (Budapest), among others.