AppendiX Art Hub at Salzburger Kunstverein

Photo: Mirela Baciak

Salzburger Kunstverein is pleased to announce its new space!

With the establishment of the AppendiX Art Hub in studio 7 of the Künstlerhaus, Salzburger Kunstverein aims to offer a multi-space for discussions, artists presentations, screening programs, reading sessions, and the-like formats that foster knowledge production and exchange. As a new social meeting point in the Salzburger Künstlerhaus, it also aims to become a testing ground for ideas, and a space of reflection on the current exhibitions.

Just like the gut organ in our bodies from which the space borrows its name and which is known for being a safe space for beneficial bacteria to spread, so shall AppendiX serve as a safe space for useful ideas to grow and disseminate.

AppendiX is open to all members and artists of the Salzburger Kunstverein, as well as artists in residence, tenants, and visitors of the Künstlerhaus during the opening hours of the exhibitions. AppendiX is equipped with a WIFI and a beamer.

Members and artists of the Salzburger Kunstverein are encouraged to propose their events and formats (workshops, meetings, get-togethers, film screenings, clubbings, etc) by sending a filled-out form (see below) to gaisberger@salzburger-kunstverein.at at least two weeks in advance to the event.

We are looking forward to your applications!

Booking form for AppendiX

EVENT PREVIEW at AppendiX Art Hub

Presentation of the proceedings of the Summit of trans-Art 2024
Astrid Zajc-Rieder

PAST EVENTS at Appendix Art Hub

27.06.2024, 18:00
Maui, Prometheus and other mixers
Pupils from Herzjesu Gymnasium present a potpourri of artistic works that deal with the concept of resistance in various forms. Concept: Cornel Entfellner

13.06.2024, 19:30
Concert with Corey Dolgon (US) and Robert Herbe
Songs, original compositions and covers, each
individually and both together

13.–18.05.2024, daily 12:00-19:00
A creative approach to drawing and its multi-media comprehensibility. About paper, video, music, classical drawing, its power through the pencil and its use in pop culture.
Annual exhibition school class Herz-Jesu-Gymnasium.

08.05.2024, 22:00-24:00
Opening The Myth of Normal. Chronische Widersprüche
Salzburger Kunstverein

29.04., 06.05., 21.05., 28.05.,  18-21 Uhr
Get together der sommerszene

28.04.2024, 18:00
Matilda and Mihaly
Filmsreening by Luciano Bunić

Georg Zenz. Breath! (Mediterranean route)
... before the desert swallows up the shore too ...
Fr, 19.4., 19:00: Vernissage with guest performance

Group Exhibtion with artists from Salzburg and Vienna
Photography, painting, sculpture, sculpture. Organization: Philip Paulus.

22.03. - 23.03.2024
Om Bori. Aqueous Creatures
Pop-up Exhibition
Soft opening: 22.03., 19 Uhr

15.03.2024, 17:00-20:00
Research Reviews
PhD in the Arts Mozarteum University in collaboration with Salzburger Kunstverein. With Agata Cieslak, Rebecca Kressley, and Jan Sowa.

Gruppe 19

Louis Celia Zippo
Light in the Cities I
Pop-up exhibition

Yelyzaveta Derzhaviskaya
Pop-up Exhibition, kuratiert von M. Cherednichenko

Beate Ronacher
Mist Revisited
Installation and performance with wheelbarrow, shovel, straw, horse manure, bucket, barrel