Isolation TV / Episode 1

Köken Ergun, ohne Titel, 2004, 9 min 17 sec.
Foto: Courtesy of the artist

Isolation TV / Episode 1

Episode 1 of Isolation TV looks at self-isolation and social distancing. It includes work that addresses solidarity in isolation, obsessive creative labour, pressurised family dynamics, obsolescence and imprisonment. Episode 1 appears for a limited time only.

It features (in order of appearance) Mariah Garnett, Eduardo Padhila, Köken Ergun, Máiréad McClean, Manuel Graf, Igor Grubić, Stanisław Welbel and Loretta Fahrinholz. Production and design by Oisín Byrne.

Further episodes and additional programming will be with you shortly.

Conceived by Vaari Claffey, Isolation TV is a platform for showing artists’ work, an exhibition-making site and a collaborative para-institution.  

Isolation TV begins as response to quarantine and social distancing, during the Covid19 pandemic and consequent closing of Museums and Galleries, forcing the suspension or cancellation of many exhibitions and trapping works of art in empty buildings, unseen. We are very grateful to the artists for letting us show you their work in this way, and to our collaborators and supporters for responding so quickly and imaginatively to the project.

Realized in partnership with the Salzburger Kunstverein, with curatorial collaboration from Séamus Kealy, Director. Forthcoming supporters and collaborators include Grazer Kunstverein and Golden Pixel. Future collaborators will be announced in the coming weeks.

Further information on the programme and artists is available here.