Eröffnung: Fri, 23.07.2021 | 20 Uhr
Studio Space
24.07.2021 - 03.10.2021

Daniela Zeilinger. Yonder

Daniela Zeiliger, Sakura, 2021, 190 x 150 cm, analogue C-print from slide (detail)
Photo: © Daniela Zeilinger

Daniela Zeilinger works at the interface of different disciplines, especially painting and photography. An ontological reflection upon the space of photographic images is a central motif. In her exhibition Yonder, the artist raises poignant questions about photography's relation to reality. Her works, as analogue photographs, are created in a multi-layered process of transformation and translation. They oscillate between image and imagination, and photography and painting. An enigmatic narrative connects the individual pictorial spaces and evokes a place where one can never really be: yonder.

Daniela Zeilinger (*1976, Linz/Austria) lives and works in Vienna. She studied fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna as well as dance, context, choreography at the UDK Berlin and free art at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee. Her works have been presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Germany and abroad. In 2020, the artist received the State Scholarship for Artistic Photography.  danielazeilinger.com