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Members Zone #14: Wolfgang Richter

Members of the Salzburger Kunstverein showcase their work.

Wolfgang Richter
Website/Portfolio: www.wolfgang-richter.eu

endlich unendlich Schloss Hellbrunn 2020
Permanente Baumspiegel Installation
Schlosspark Hellbrunn

Wolfgang Richter (*1953) lives and works in Salzburg.

In Hellbrunn architecture, art and nature are woven into a unity. The mannerist overall work of art represents with its elaborate and artistic parkland a jewel of landscape gardening. Today, the former pleasance (Lustgarten) of the giardino secreto (secret garden) with its huge water ground floor is accompanied by severely cut rows of trees.

Exactly there, the tree-mirrors continue the idea of Hellbrunn as a magic place. They perform a play upon perception, which does not impose itself at first sight. In dialogue with nature 1400 small mirrors, so to speak, have settled in the treetops. They are fastened onto those spots, where twigs and branches were removed when the trees were cut. Where the cut put an end a new beginning has been developed by the newly fastened mirror. In this mirror branches, leaves or water are reflected depending on your position.

Furthermore, they are imaginary windows on the sky. Whoever is lucky and patient will be rewarded by a glimpse of the sculptures in the park and of the palace of Hellbrunn. In this permanent play the stroller moves between nature and art. Throughout the changes of lighting conditions, of seasons and of weather conditions changing impressions disclose themselves to the attentive observer. Thus, the course of the sun through the day as well as through the year creates wonderful experiences which add a new attraction to the magic of the place.

The less attentive visitor will perhaps be overcome by a fairy-like and strange feeling when he strolls through the park and looks at the alley. He might think that something odd is going on there, which is not natural. This feeling corresponds to some other experiences of irritation which can be had in Hellbrunn.

Courtesy of the artist.

Courtesy of the artist.

Courtesy of the artist.Courtesy of the artist.Courtesy of the artist.Courtesy of the artist.