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Events 2003

Exhibition | Main Hall

There Is A Silence To Fill

Opening: 22 October, 7 p.m.

Performances, spatial installations, photographs, drawings, paintings … the actors are always young people, sometimes disfigured by scars or conspicuous hair growth. Passages of existing texts are mostly integrated into the pictures, and set pieces from various environments localise mysterious scenes and threaten the actors you feel your life is waiting for you sometimes …

Markus Muntean and Adi Rosenblum have been working together since 1992, from 1995 to 1998 they ran the gallery Bricks and Kicks in Vienna. They teach at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and live in Vienna and London.

MUNTEAN/ROSENBLUM: View of the exhibition

MUNTEAN/ROSENBLUM: View of the exhibition
Photo: Andrew Phelps

MUNTEAN/ROSENBLUM: View of the exhibition