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Events 2003

Exhibition | Cabinet

Peter Land: ”The Ride”
Within the series ”Areas of Action”

Opening: 14 May, 2003, 7 p.m.

Peter Land appears in his videos as an anti-hero, a man who suffers failure in everyday, ordinarily humiliating situations: falling down a staircase over and over again in a continuous loop (”The Staircase“, 1998), drunk, naked and dancing with a cello (”The Cellist“, 1998) or walking in hunter’s garb toward a lake, getting into a boat, shooting a whole in the hull and sinking (”The Lake“, 1999). Employing the tools of (self-) irony and slapstick, he seeks to undermine the aura of the artist and his work, moving constantly along the outer limits of reality, facing the ever-present danger of slipping into chaos, risking the complete destruction of identity. Land’s videos pose the question of what remains once cultural/social values and patterns of behaviour have become invalid.

Peter Land, born 1966, lives in Copenhagen. He is regarded as a star of the Danish art scene in the 1990s. His videos attracted considerable international attention.

Peter Land: The Ride, 2002, Video still

Peter Land: The Ride, 2002, Video still

Peter Land: The Ride, 2002, Video still