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A Passenger. Annual Exhibition 2018

Every year the Salzburger Kunstverein presents an annual exhibition with artworks by artists who are members of the Kunstverein. In 2018, the Annual Exhibition will be held in the Großer Saal and Museumspavilion, as a partnership with Stadt Salzburg. Artworks in this Annual Exhibition will be available to purchase.

Being a passenger is connected to motion, traveling, taking a stroll, passing through, trespassing, mindlessness, free time, drifting, but also to moving from point A to B. For the first time, the annual exhibition takes place at two spaces, separate from each other by a river. It is an opportunity for the visitors to walk through Salzburg’s old town, of being a passenger themselves.


Photo: © Andrea Kopranovic



Alexandra Baumgartner

Alexandra Baumgartner’s works start out with found objects and photographs which are altered by means of various interventions and re-contextualizations. For “The Unknown,” the form of a 1970s lamp was adapted and enlarged on a scale of 1:10, filling the space. Bereft of its function, the form becomes an empty husk of itself, an unknown object. Enlarging proportions creates a surreal, oppressive situation; withdrawing into one’s own home as a supposed place of security becomes a trap, as warping and shadows distort reality and fiction.


Image: Alexandra Baumgartner, The Unknown, 2018, wood, paint, laces, dimensions variable
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Alexandra Baumgartner, The Unknown, 2018, wood, paint, 
laces, dimensions variable

Ring Gallery

Nikola Röthemeyer & Annika Sailer. Schwarmfänger

Working over the year, in several stages, Nikola Röthemeyer and Annika Sailer, who are sisters, will transform the Ringgalerie into several narrative spaces. So-called “contact zones” emerge in this exhibition, where the public encounters mural-like representations and architectural forms which evoke flora, fauna and other elements as both playful abstraction and figurative ambivalence.