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Lucy Skaer. La Chasse

British artist Lucy Skaer (1975, Cambridge) draws on pre-existing imagery, narrative and forms that bear relationships to mass production and global trade, making combinations within sculpture, film and print. This exhibition consists of new sculptural work, where Skaer scrutinizes conventional classifications of objects as well as production methods in a critical play with historical motifs.


Image: Lucy Skaer, La Chasse, 2017, Kupfer
Photo: Andrew Phelps, © Salzburger Kunstverein

Lucy Skaer, La Chasse, 2017, Kupfer


Erich Gruber. Panzergast

Salzburg-based artist Erich Gruber presents a series of wickedly-detailed, black and white drawings based on the fragments of dead insects that he finds, often in his studio. These lifeless remains are depicted by Gruber almost as in a play of attraction and repulsion, while their objectivity simultaneously renders any pathos into a quirky obscurity.


Image: Erich Gruber, Propeller 3, 2016, pencil on paper, 114 x 84 cm
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Erich Gruber, Propeller 3, 2016, pencil on paper, 114 x 84 cm

1 Picture in CaféCult

Café Cult #83: Florian Boehm

Florian Boehm was invited to present new work as part of the exhibition series in Café Cult #83. He is showing a selection from his series < tunnel.blick >.


Ring Gallery

Nikola Röthemeyer & Annika Sailer. Schwarmfänger

Working over the year, in several stages, Nikola Röthemeyer and Annika Sailer, who are sisters, will transform the Ringgalerie into several narrative spaces. So-called “contact zones” emerge in this exhibition, where the public encounters mural-like representations and architectural forms which evoke flora, fauna and other elements as both playful abstraction and figurative ambivalence.